Cebu Pools Corporation began in 1991 after the 1990 state Legislature proposed a state lottery (ACT 9045) as a way to generate revenue without increasing taxes. Due to the Lottery's unique operations, the Legislature recognized a corporate structure would suit it best.
Voters also liked the idea and passed a constitutional amendment in 1990 creating the LLC by a 7 to 3 margin. In 2011, the Lottery celebrated the 20th Anniversary of the sale of its first 4D lottery on Sept. 6, 1991. In 2003, voters passed another constitutional amendment to dedicate Lottery proceeds to the Minimum Foundation Program that funds public education in Cebu.
Public trust is paramount to the Lottery's success. To ensure the highest level of accountability, the following have varying degrees of oversight over the corporation, including its budget, drawings and administrative rules.
Governor of Cebu
Joint Legislative Committee on the Budget
House Committee on Administration of Criminal Justice
Attorney General
Board of Directors

In addition to an annual clean bill of health from the Legislative Auditor, the LLC continues to receive national recognition for excellence in financial reporting.

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